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Specialising in Australia wide PR, Marketing, Business Consulting, Social Media Management and Events.


We take the years of experience we have learnt in the business sector and add it to your business. Your business, is our business. From working with pen to paper to embracing social media, we will work to achieve the results you desire. 


Hardworking and passionate about your business, we do not accept anything but success and great results. 


What we offer :


PR / MARKETING : Traditional & Digital


We are embracing the times, and adapting to the ever-changing digital world, and we understand that PR is more than just media relations.  


We align our PR and Marketing services through all of our offerings to give you effective, positive and immediate results. 


Using joint venture marketing and brand alignment, we will help you grow your network to expand your business and acquire new customers. 





Hosted by LCK Productions founder, Lidia.


From the time she was a little girl, Lidia had the mind for business. As a child her playtime would include creating shops by outlining her premise with chalk on the walls and on the floor at her parent’s home, selling whatever she could to family, friends and visitors. 


With boredom settling in during her high school schooling, Lidia was ready to leave by Year 10, to go and live her dream of starting to make money in the real world. Her leaving quote in high school was, “Anyone want to buy a raffle ticket”. She was always selling something.


By 17, she had her very first successful beauty business, which she sold.


She then joined the banking industry and with no previous experience; she became a Bank Manager by the ripe age of 23, within a year of working at the bank. 

This was achieved through her drive, determination and exceptional Sales and Customer Service Skills. Prior to her management role, she created content on Sales and Customers Service and would educate fellow banking colleagues on this.


Since leaving banking, Lidia has built multiple successful businesses as well as helping many people out with theirs. She has a natural eye and the ability to walk into any business and, with extreme honestly and a good heart, point out what needs working on in order to create an extremely successful business.


This is why LCK Productions has this division, Business Consulting, to do exactly that. We help you with your business, not only through Social Media, but internally.







With more and more people relying on Social Media as their first point of call for getting the information they need when they open their phones or switch on their computers, we understand that your brand having an outstanding presence in the digital world is now more important than ever. 


A recent Forbes Magazine study showed that more than 90% of people believe what an influencer has to say over any other form of advertising. 



What we can do for you?


Social Media Management


We can create and manage your existing Social Media Profile/s, by developing a captivating page including the below features:

  • Content

  • Images

  • Written Blog

  • Videos

  • News letters

… and so much more


This will allow you to focus your energy on working in your business rather than on it. By having the right Social Media presence, you immediately have extraordinary advantage to generate business for your brand. 


This is not so simple to create, which is where LCK Productions comes into it.


Influencer Outreach


We connect with popular bloggers, vloggers and the most Influential Social Media Celebrities to create vast exposure for your brand/product.


We have a large network of Influencers whom have been carefully selected. These influencers have organic followers, meaning, they have not purchased fake followers. We do not accept this unethical tactic.


Our influencers are energetic and excited to work with LCK Productions, producing their greatest work for us.




Having trouble understanding the wonderful wide world of Social Media? 


We can teach you. Because we know Social Media inside and out. 


Whether you are just a beginner or have just lost your drive, you will find our educational seminars informative, educational and motivating.






We deliver the WOW factor to any size event, from corporate to consumer. Our years of experience in events can seen us co-ordinate and manage your event of any size.


Whether it’s a Launch, Opening, Exhibition, Conference, Demonstration, an Interactive Class. LCK Productions is your go to. 


We take the Event planning process on from start to finish:


  • concept/budget

  • guest list/influencers

  • venue

  • invitation 

  • Marketing materials

  • Service providers

  • Hosting/MC services

  • RSVP’s

  • Run sheets

  • Oversee setup 

  • Manage run sheet at event



All you literally need to do is work briefly with us in the interim and turn up to the event and relax with a glass of wine.


We ensure that what we put together is remembered for many years to come.


We are proud to be defined by our creative imagination.

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