O U R   S T O R Y

Our founder, Lidia Kukulj-Tinelli, has worked her way from the ground up, proving that she has what it takes to make any business a success. From starting her first business as a teenager, to the successful philanthropist she is today, who gives much of her time to various charities and organising charity events, Lidia has successfully set up multiple businesses in the beauty industry, cafes and function venues. 


The Perth-based and sought after Digital Influencer has gained a local, national, international and social media following.


Her motto is “We survive by Supporting each Other.”


LCK Productions was born after Lidia realised that it was the right time to show more of her exceptional talents in the industry to the world.


In the first two weeks, business at LCK Productions was already booming.   


Lidia says this is just the beginning of the success story